Application to Work Personally with Stacy Tuschl
Hey there!

Stacy Tuschl here.

As an experienced entrepreneur and business coach, I’ve seen my fair share of start-ups and success stories. I’ve witnessed people overcome all odds and create a six- or seven-figure business that gave them the income they needed without sacrificing family time.

Of course, I’ve also seen people give up.

I have seen people who have had it all; the idea, the resources, the connections – I’ve seen them lose everything despite having everything. So I created The Mompreneur's Money Map – a practical and proven system for assessing the potential and viability of your business. It’s also a way to pull it back from the brink of disaster, if it ever gets that far.

I tailored the Mompreneur's Money Map to address the inner and outer struggles we entrepreneurs have to face when it comes to our business. It’s designed to be a step-by-step process to help you uncover areas of weakness, drive your business to maximum growth, and capitalize on opportunities of massive expansion.

I now own a successful business that gives me the income I need without me sacrificing time away from my family. You can have all that, too.

On this page, you can apply to have me assess your business, walk you through the steps, save your business from potential disaster, and build it up to the world-class brand it deserves to be.

More details once you apply.

Here’s to rescuing your business and rewriting your future!

Application (Part 1)
I will email you part two of the application shortly.
 What people are saying about Stacy...
Claire Michelle Nix
Implementation Strategist
"Thanks to Stacy, I have learned the strategies to set up and run a profitable business. Not only that, she has done what no one else has done for me. She challenged me to charge what I'm worth. She pushed me to raise my prices and that same week I booked 3 clients at the higher price point!"

Misty Lown
IamMore Podcast
"Stacy Tuschl is a smart-as-a-whip lady who shares generously from her own knowledge and experiences. She gets more done in a week than most people do in a year. If you are ready to put your ideas into action, it's time to get to know Stacy."
Alina Schumacher
Life Breakthrough Mastery
"Stacy really delivers what she promises. Her clear, no-nonsense approach to teaching is refreshing and a huge time-saver for busy people like myself, as she get’s down to business without any fluff."

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